23.A picture of you and your family.

22.A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

-är dödsallergisk till nötter (one little piece of a peanut and i literally DIE)
-äger en adrenalin piikki pga det och borde ha med den 24/7, men har aldrig i mitt liv haft det
-lägger inte smör på bröd (sluta på högstadie åttan)
-sover fortfarande med min unilelu från barndomen
-börja få lön av att jobba när jag var 8år gammal
-har aldrig varit i usa eller afrika
-går otroligt snabbt och det ser alltid ut som om jag sku ha bråttom nånstans
-arrogans och egoism är de mest motbjudande egenskaperna jag vet
-ogillar djur (men det visste ni väl redan)
-ja, det menar alla era fucking söta puppehundar och marsvin och kaniner
-gråter i alla filmer jag ser och i de flesta program också
-är den mest paranoida mänskan ever
-äter alla bugen utan suolakurkkun (fy fan blä)
-har en helt skitful handstil (skriver ganska snabbt så det blir bara massa sträck hit och dit, även svårt för mej själv att tolka ibland haha)
-får ahdistus av att vara i ställen där det finns för mycket mänskor (galna dagarna, messun, rea, etc)
-är sjukt stolt av att jag kan det svenska språket, skulle aldrig byta det mot något, och är så tacksam för mina föräldrar som satt mej i svensk skola

där fanns 15, väldigt "interesting" im sure:)) haha men titta på bilderna... sista faktan kan vara att jag borde vara över 160cm, men borde väl ta och mäta mej själv pånytt?! haha

21.Your favorite subject to study.

på låg- och högstadiet tyckte jag om precis allt, för jag var bra på precis allt. jag har fotografiskt minne och behövde aldrig göra ett skit för skolan, fick ändå bra vitsord för kom ihåg allt på proven. sen när gymnasiet börja var jag in för en big chocker - man borde actually läsa för att klara sej. lät inte så roligt :( motivation NOLL och alla ämnen kändes helt från rumpan. när jag sluta grundskolan var mitt medeltal 9,7 och ni vill ju inte ens se mitt gymnasiebetyg, tror medeltalet ligger nånstans vid 6-7 (tack vare fuckin lång fyssa+kemma som jag tog helt i onödan). nåjoo enough about this, om jag måst välja nåt ämne måst jag säga engelska, det har alltid varit lätt och fun:) och nu är jag lite lycklig av mitt mellanår till sist ändå, taggad till tusen att söka in nånstans så motivationen har jag hittat (i think). jeee

20.Do you wear glasses? If so, what are they for?

yes, sometimes. use them to see long distance. always used to use them in school to see the board, but these days i dont wear them that much (i got three pairs atm). at work in meetings, at the movies, and occasionally when im shopping or something, just because its embarrasing to walk around without recognizing possible familiar faces haha. i often look pissed when im walking around, its not because i would actually be mad, its just because im squinting to see haha

19.Thoughts about love.

love is trust. love is laughter. love is missing one another before even leaving. love is thinking about him/her the second before you fall asleep and again the first thing when you wake up in the morning. love is smiling from ear to ear whenever you're together. love is knowing each other's heartbeats by heart. love is knowing every little detail about each other, and still not wanting to change a god damn thing. love is being able to share all you're deepest secrets. love is seeing a future together. love is closeness. love is needing nothing but each other, and still being perfectly content. love is genuin concern. caring. love is not being able to breathe while fighting. love is being totally blind to other temptations. without exception. love is having someone who means the world to you. love is fighting and not wanting to ever let go.

the second you see him/her, your world lightens up, you feel that special pumping heartbeat you have never felt with anyone else, and you just wanna jump right at them and drown them with hugs&kisses and never stop repeating how much you love them. to me, this is love. was love. but what the hell do i know.

- forever alone :D

18.A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

17.Your thoughts on Ugg boots.

definitivt inte dom snyggaste skorna på jorden, but oh so comfyyyyy. probably the only piece of clothing on the planet which i dont hate just because 99% of all females got them.

16.Your favorite Disney Princess movie.

almost impossible to choose when its been so long since ive last seen any disney princess movies. im gonna go with cinderella, sleeping beauty, and beauty and the beast. we really need to have another disney movienight!

15.Tell us your favorite junk food.

oh god dont even get me started here. looooove mcdonalds. loooove the mcfeast dip. crazy about icecream. and chocolate. (then there's chocolate chip cookies, nachos with cheese or guacamole, cake, candy, you name it). i could eat all day, every day. dear god, simply cant understand why you made all the most delicious foods unhealthy :(

14.Talk about your siblings.

top two most gorgeous people on this planet.♥ love them both more than anything in this world (plus mom). i love how we are all completely different, but still the same somehow. i love how they put up with all my craziness and (at least try to) pull me back down to earth. would take a bullet for either one, aaaaanytime. puss

13.Your thoughts or opinions about Twilight.

taylor lautner is hot. and thats all.
naaah, i dont know. i dont really get where all the fuss comes from, i read the books a looong time ago before nobody even knew what twilight was, and YES, i liked it a lot. then came all the movies and the craziness, and after seeing the first movie i was sooo disappointed to say the least. (im sure all who has read the book BEFORE the movie agree). and robert pattinson is ugly. (please dont hang me for saying that)

12.A habit that you wish you didn't have.

bita på naglarna. fy fan

11.The person you have been friends with for the longest time.

Daniela<3 vi har känt varandra ända sen jag föddes! vi var grannar hela vår barndom, gick på samma dagis, var 9 år på samma klass etc. väntar faktiskt som bäst på att hon ska komma hit hihii :) sen kör vi igen!

10.Talk about your relationship to music.

i could write a thousand word essay on this too. but lets keep it short :) music is everything. music keeps me sane. started singing before i could talk haha, started playing piano when i was four, worked and performed at the national opera for six years, have played guitar, cembalo kantele ahhahah yadayada etc. i have the singing gene, if a melody spins around in my head i simply can noooot shut up, just gotta sing it out. i sing all the time, everywhere. mostly in the shower haha. but TONIIIIGHT, all music will mean to me will be crazyass pumping party music for some serious ass-shaking! wohoooo!

9.Favorite song at the moment.

jag har fortfarande heller inte blivit trött på den här, fastän jag drogat den ända sedan antonia nån gång länka den på hennes blogg under hösten. börja älska den tusen gånger mera när jag äntligen förstod lyriken och alla ord, love love love. duktigt. den brukar jag ha på repeat när jag är i badet, perfekt avslappning :)

"Vores hjerte de er slået itu, i titusind stykker. Jeg vil lime os sammen hvis jeg ku. Gøre alt for at støtte dig."

8.Are you a fitness guru or a couch potato? Talk about your exercise habits.

fitness guru or a couch potato? hmm, i guess it depends on year and season haha. me and fitness are like a roller coaster or a jojo. we have our ups and downs. the greatest would be to find a golden middle, but its easier said than done. either way, not in the mood to write an essay on the subject, so ill go to bed. sleep tight++

7.The reason you started blogging, and how your life has changed since.

i have always read a lot of blogs, and just thought that heeeey this seems like something fun to do, i wanna try it out too! i dont think my life has changed drastically since, hmmmm i might be more conscious of what i do, like carry my camera around a lot more than what i would normally do. and takes photos all the time, everywhere. like would i normally photograph my food in a restaurant? no. or bother to take shitty pictures of my outfit with my phone every day? no. but ive kinda grown to love blogging, its like an addiction and i reaaally wouldnt wanna stop. i think its kinda cool that people who actually dont know me, or have never met me, know so much about me. i would looooove if everybody had a blog and we could see what everyone was up to! (so we could stalk our frenemies haha). too bad that aint happening but yeah.. blogging is awesome, you all should go ahead too ;)

6.Your favorite season, and why.

do i really need to state the obvious? light, warmth, sun, happiness, bronzed skin, bare legs, beach, bikinis, short skirts and shorts, ballerinas, icecream, cold ciders, finnish terrace culture, family cottages, warm water, looking fresh without makeup, feeling perky and bubbly with little sleep, barbeques, skinnydipping, flings, unforgettable nights, walking home after the morning light.. what in the world might i be talking about? SUMMER<3

5.Tell us your three favorite colors.

prepare for the biggest chocker ever, right? beige, white, pink. im guessing you had noooo idea :)

4.Something you crave for a lot.

resa till new york och någon paradise island. adalminas klädskåp. hela tiffany's collection. kroppen av en angel. this list could go on forever.

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